Twelve months of tireless dedication has finally come to fruition for Film Northants winner David Easton.

On a budget of just £800 David has pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of making a feature length film, all shot in Northamptonshire.

Bloodline is a mystery thriller that sees the past come back to haunt a police officer and his suburban-living family.
To say much more would be to give too much away but the film echoes the unsettling tone of current Brit hit Kill List (fantastic film) and explores the themes of various rape revenge flicks.

David was inspired to make the film after winning Film Northants 2010 with his twisty short Love Is…which like Bloodline was also written by former policeman Colin Hill. Many of the cast of Love Is… star in Bloodline including James McCabe who makes a convincing turn as a henchman with a heart. Actress Clare Jukes, the ‘victim’ of Love Is… is subjected to even more brutality in Bloodline but rises to the challenge. She appears in illuminating flashbacks throughout the film from the perspective of lead character Ray – played by an impressive Greg Caine. The pair pull off an extremely uncomfortable scene without trivialising or exaggerating the content.

However the main strength of the film is the strong storyline which gives rise to debate and leaves the audience with a moral quandary. This is because the film is not afraid to tackle uncomfortable subject areas and is evocative without being exploitative. The line between heroes and villains has not been drawn and no-be appears to be entirely innocent. It is difficult for your sympathy to lie with any one character but that is to the film’s merit rather than its detriment.

 Another great strength of the movie is the strong pacing which is probably due to the endless hours David spent in the editing suite. The plot unravels at an appropriate speed and the slow build up helps to create an atmosphere of anxiety and anticipation.
In line with the ethos of Film Northants, which aims to promote the film-making talent of Northamptonshire and its potential as a film location, Bloodline was all filmed in and around the county. From an audience perspective it is great to see so many recognisable locations such as the Northampton Chronicle & Echo building in Lower Mounts, Mollies nightclub in Abington Square, St Andrew’s Hospital and the grandiose Knuston Hall.

That being said the film was not without its minor problems with some scenes being too long, some predictable twists and some morally dubious subtexts. But for a debut film made with volunteers for the price of a crap second hand car it is a remarkable achievement and far more entertaining than many of the homogenous banal movies released week after week in UK cinemas.

Following audience feedback from three separate viewings David has re-edited the film and is now looking for opportunities to have the film distributed or remade professionally as a low budget independent film.


  • 12 months to make
  • Filmed in 21 days
  • 19 locations used
  • 9,500 video clips / audio files created
  • 3 weeks to edit
  • £800 budget
  • More than 40 cast and crew (see a full list here)

Watch the teaser trailer here: