Advice on the next stages of your Writing the Message Online website.

1. Look at the marking criteria and grid on Blackboard

Remember this:
There must be at least six articles on the site each a minimum of 250 words. The website must include original articles and photographs and the use of embedded material including hyperlinks and video/audio. The website must be regularly promoted on at least one social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, Instragram or Flickr.
The marking grid has sections for Concept, Content, Presentation, Multimedia, Social Media, Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar and Participation (your participation in seminars and lectures).

2. Use original content
-Your stories must contain original content and that means interviews that you have conducted yourself
-Rewriting a press release or information you find online is NOT original content
-Don’t rely on just students and the public for interviews make sure you include official sources as well such as press officers, university experts, councillors, business owners etc.
-Remember to use your own photographs or photos you have permission to use or under a Creative Commons licence

3. Brand your wesbite
-Make sure your website has a WordPress template that reflects the theme of your website. For example is you are writing about sport think about the background colour and style of your WordPress template – something floral might not be suitable!
-Include a strong image in the WordPress template to reflect your theme. For example a header or background image of food.

4. Be interactive
-Remember that the marking criteria expects you to use social media to promote your website and engage your readers
-As soon as you upload your first story you should start promoting it on one social media platform
-It would be helpful if you use the hashtag #wtmo when promoting your website on Twitter
-Also make use of @mentions and relevant # to draw people in
-Take a look at the Twitter Newsroom Guide on Blackboard to get tips on how to use it effectively

5. Use some multimedia
-You don’t need to go overboard with multimedia but a video/audio vox pop on one story, hyperlinks in your stories and lots of photos will be enough

6. Tutorials
After Easter the seminars will be replaced by drop-in tutorials. These will be held in 9203 during your usual seminar time slot. You don’t need to book an appointment just come along at any point during the two hour slot and your tutor will look at your work on your website or a hard copy.