As a passionate and well-informed champion of consumer rights I write about complex financial issues with clarity and enthusiasm.

Moneywise: Fresh hope for payment scam victims

I have written a lot about authorised push payment scams in the last few years as it has affected many people close to me. I was keen to investigate the new voluntary code that banks are introducing this year to see if customers would be better off. My full feature...

Moneywise: Housing raffles investigation

I was commissioned by Moneywise magazine to investigate the growing trend of housing raffles and whether anyone ever wins a property.  I thoroughly enjoyed digging into the subject and I will be doing more investigations for the publication throughout the...

Metro: First-time buyer special

I was asked to put together financial tips for first-time buyers at short notice for the Metro. You can read the full article on getting your financial house in order...

Metro: Don’t let money stress you out

Metro Money asked me to research this feature on how to stop worrying about money. I looked at the link between mental health and money concerns and the psychological challenges we face when dealing with economic woes. Read the full article...

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