As a passionate and well-informed champion of consumer rights I write about complex financial issues with clarity and enthusiasm.

Metro Money: Be smart and save energy

Government grants for green energy and property renovation are now few and far between. But there are still ways in which you can supported to improve your home as I explored in this article for the Metro. Read the full piece...

Metro Money: Protect your money from scammers

I personally know a lot of friends and family who have lost thousands of pounds this year to online fraudsters. I wrote this warning article for the Metro and it received a lot of positive response on social media. Read the full article...

Metro Money: Make your job work for you

The Metro asked me to research and write this piece on how to make the best out of all the perks and benefits of your job. I learnt a lot about human resources in the process! You can read the full article...

Metro Money: Get paid to have your say

I was amazed to discover just how many different ways there are to make money on the side from surveys, shopping and online Apps. My research culminated in this feature for Metro Money. Read the full story...

The Sun: Snapchat Perv

My first byline for The Sun was this consumer story about a young woman who was blackmailed via Snapchat. You can read the full story...

Metro Money: Will power

My essential guide to making a will and preparing for the unexpected featured as the lead story in Metro Money. Read the full story here.

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