As a keen runner and netball player I enjoy writing about sport, exercise and leisure activities along with a diverse range of social and lifestyle issues.

The Overtake: Baking a difference

This piece was six months in the making and finally found a home on the long form journalism website The Overtake. Rather than "bury" the offender angle as one journalist suggested I do, I put it front and centre and The Overtake fully supported this. You can read the...

Active magazine: Pedal Powered

My first experience of riding an electric bicycle was for this feature in Active magazine and I was pleasantly surprised (despite the freezing temperatures on test day). You can find out more about the vast range of e-bikes on the market by reading the full article...

Rutland Living: On you bike!

After deciding to take on a riding challenge in 2018 I started swotting up on all things cycling in the region. It led to this feature in Rutland Living magazine and a subsequent podcast on Metier cycle wear...

Couples exercise story running around the world

Last month I had an article published on The Guardian running blog page. I spoke about my experience of running with my husband and what a disaster it has always been. What I thought was a light-hearted fitness piece actually appears to have struck a chord and...

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