Last month I had an article published on The Guardian running blog page.

I spoke about my experience of running with my husband and what a disaster it has always been.

What I thought was a light-hearted fitness piece actually appears to have struck a chord and captured the zeitgeist of modern exercising.

Why couples should never go running together has now appeared in Australia, Ireland and been followed up in America.

It was first published on The Guardian Australia website before being repurposed on the Irish Times website (both with my byline so it’s all good).

Then a few weeks later out of the blue I was contacted by a journalist working for American online men’s magazine MEL asking for further comment.

He had read The Guardian article and decided to do a follow up using my thoughts as the angle for his piece.

It resulted in this story which included new quotes from me.

It will be interesting to see where the article travels next. In the meantime I am still not going running with my husband.