As a keen runner and netball player I enjoy writing about sport, exercise and leisure activities along with a diverse range of social and lifestyle issues.

Vegan Living: Keep on running

I managed to combine two of my passions in this article for Vegan Living magazine - veganism and running. I even got to speak to world record breaker and lifelong vegan Fiona Oakes after watching her in the documentary Running for Good and realising she would be...

Vegan Living: A trip to Sheffield and the Peaks

I had a great time rediscovering Sheffield as a vegan hotspot after spending years there as a bleary-eyed student in my twenties. I wrote a travel piece for Vegan Living magazine exploring the many eateries, museums and beautiful scenery that the city has to...

Vegan Living: But is it really vegan?

Living a 100% vegan lifestyle is impossible in the modern world. But just how close can people get and what does being vegan really mean, are some of the things I discuss in this article for Vegan Living magazine.

Vegan Living: Pet theories

I was interested in the moral dilemma that animal-loving vegans face when it comes to owning a pet. I learnt so much about 'animal companions' for this piece in Vegan Living magazine.

Rutland Living: All together now!

My idea of fun these days is running around a pitch black wood hunting for playing cards as part of an obscure triathlon training activity. However other people get their kicks from community groups such as choirs. Singing is great for social and mental health as I...

Vegan Living: Inkredible

The vegan movement is reaching all parts of society including tattooing so I decided to pitch this feature idea to Vegan Living magazine. The four page spread featured in the September edition of the magazine.  

Rutland Living: Ice desert jungle ultra marathon man

I interviewed Simon Davies and found out all about his awe inspiring quest to raise money for charity by running three ultra marathons in a year. He is running across the ice, jungle and desert to raise £25,000 for Rainbow's Children's Hospice. A truly inspirational...

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