Late one night last week I noticed a lot of chatter on my netball team WhatsApp group. They were all talking about a woman in my home town of Market Harborough who claimed she had been body shamed by a personal trainer on Facebook.

They were posting screen shots of the row and saying how outraged they were. I immediately spotted that this was a story and with the help of my team mates tracked down the woman – Lisa Parratt – and the personal trainer.

A number of journalists had tried to contact Lisa by then because her Facebook post was going viral. Lisa was ignoring them and only decided to talk to me because I approached her via a friend and lived nearby so could meet her face-to-face.

I sold her story to Fabulous Digital (The Sun online) and from there it exploded.

Since then it has been covered by Mail Online, Metro, Mirror, BBC News, BBC East Midlands, New York Post, Harborough Mail, Leicester Mercury, Harborough FM and a number of international websites from Germany to Australia.